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Swurlz Frozen Yogurt is located in Venice, Florida. Conveniently located next to Franks Theatre and only 5 minutes from the beaches! Frozen yogurt is the perfect dessert; low in fat, big on flavor, and toppings galore! Choose from over 55 toppings; savory, sweet, or salty, we have you covered.


Tuesday - Sunday
12:00 Noon - 9:30 PM

(Closed for Summer)

Come in Wednesdays for our new Summer Special

frozen yogurt for dogs

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The Goods

We also serve a variety of other products including Custards, Gelatos, and even custom pies! We offer delicious cups of coffee if you're looking for something warm or a cool glass of "infused" water for those extra hot days. For our health conscious friends we also have Non-dairy and no sugar added, variety yogurts as well. For the puppy lovers, we offer a safe dog friendly yogurt that's easily digestible. Now everyone in your family can enjoy Swurlz Frozen Yogurt!

Venice Florida by Franks Theater in the Galleria Plaza. Come check us out!

frozen yogurt for dogs
Yoghund - Frozen Yogurt for Dogs
Sweet Toppings!!!
Sweet Toppings!!!
Sweet toppings!
Patio Seating
Made to Order Pies
Custom Made to Order Pies

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